This Blog’s Identity is All Over the Place

Since starting this blog in response to my divinity school education (“How do I make sense of all this theological stuff?” “What can I do to put my thoughts out into the world?” “What’s the meaning of all this?!”), I’ve had many types of posts and many false starts and stops. 

As a result, I’m not 100% sure what this site is about. Sewing? Creativity? Theological reflection? Personal exhibition? Cooking? All of the above?

That’s ok. I can be and write about lots of things. 

So if you’re out there and listening, I’d like a little hive-mind help. Because if you care enough about any of these attempts at self expression to read them, I’m sure you’ve got an opinion on what you’d like to see more of. 

What do you like reading here, and what do you want to read / see more of?

Things I would like to write more of: projects in progress, reflections on past projects, personal storytelling. Improv, sermonettes, cats. 

(Maybe I needed to ask so I could hear myself answer…)

Still! I’d like to hear your thoughts, too. Thanks, Internet friends!


2 Replies to “This Blog’s Identity is All Over the Place”

  1. I would be interested to read if your creativity is a constant fire, or if you go in and out of periods of fruitfulness and creativity with your various projects and pursuits. I seem to have very well-defined periods of “creative” time versus “fallow” time, and am wondering if it’s just me. And if you manage to be creative and a maker with more consistency, how do you do it? :D


    1. Ooh that’s such a good question! Working on a reflection to address that; the struggle is real!

      Thank you for sending your thoughts! I always appreciate hearing from you. :)


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