Dinner Co-Op

My fabulous friend Adrienne over at Crack the Plates had a phenomenal idea: let’s start a dinner co-op!  Every first and third Thursday of the month, we meet at a friend’s house for delicious food and even more delicious company.  This past Thursday was the first such installment, and guess who hosted?

Indeed, I worked from home on Thursday just so I could bake fresh bread and get groceries for our meal that evening.  Though not everyone could make it, it was a delightful affair.

On the menu: fresh baked bread, gazborscht, hummus, eggplant spread, and olives.

What an experience–cooking!  The bread is a tried and true (utterly delicious) recipe, and the hummus, eggplant spread and olives were pre-packaged… but the gazborscht was an exercise in flying by the seat of my pants.  I’d only discovered the recipe in The Veganomicon that morning, dashed to the store for the necessary ingredients in the first half of my lunch break, and spent the second half of my break shredding and food-processing the heck out of this chilled gazpacho/borscht edible portmanteau.

I won’t divulge the recipe here (you gotta buy this cookbook!), but my oh my.  Sweet, tangy, cool, refreshing soup for a hot late summer’s night.

And what a fabulous idea this Dinner Co-Op is!  I’m too forgetful and lazy for my own good sometimes, so it’s only a good thing to get yourself together with friends.  And if you have to schedule it for two evenings a month, so be it.


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