Working on Gratitude

It’s way too easy to complain about discomfort than to give thanks for being blessed.  More often than not, feeling uncomfortable and being in a whiney mood keep me from writing much… who wants to hear a litany of complaints, after all?

But it’s good to get in the habit of being grateful, since habits make a person who they are.  You’re not born being a virtuous person; you become virtuous by practicing virtue.

So after another sad drought in my public writing life, I make a small list for you:

Today I am Grateful For…

  • Kind colleagues
  • Summer heat
  • Plants that grow (especially veggies!)
  • Families that are easy and loving
  • A cozy front porch
  • Getting to make stuff… especially sewing and knitting things
  • Friends’ blogs

I’m also grateful to the lovely writers at Tiny Buddha for writing this post… a great help in inspiring me to write this tiny list for you.  Sometimes, you just need to be reminded that–despite what we’re told about emotions ruling us–we have remarkable control over what we feel and how we react to what we feel.  If we are caught in a sour mood, we’d be better served by understanding where the negative mood is coming from and what stories we tell ourselves to maintain our bad mood than by allowing that sour mood to turn us into sour people.

Understand the mood, decide in favor of a happier self, and do something positive to change it.

Write a small list of what you’re grateful for today.


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