Why I (Don’t) Write

I tend to write in fits and starts.  When I sit down to type, it’s usually a good time.  When I’m not actively writing, the prospect can be daunting (even overwhelming).

The result?  I don’t often write.

However, when I do write, it’s for a few consistent reasons:

  1. I’ve pent it up too long and I just have to say something
  2. I feel like apologizing for some character flaw
  3. Something has rankled my better sensibility to the point that I must protest
  4. I’ve pent it up too long and I just have to say something

It’s the “starts” piece of the “fits and starts” writing style: caging an idea until you’re all but bursting to write about it.  Often, by the time I sit down to write something, it all comes out.  All of it.  Ideas that I’ve been mulling over for weeks become posts about some idea or other.  For the most part, every time I sit down to type here I end up writing a few posts, save them as drafts, then hopefully remember to come back to them and publish them before they’ve become stale.

On the whole, the periods when I don’t write are ones of fermentation for my ideas.  Other times, they are a time of brooding over my lack of ideas worth writing about.  Other times still, it is during these periods that I find myself thinking aloud as if I were writing–compelling myself to write, as it were.  “I picked up my toothbrush and thought to myself, ‘that’s a damned silly thing to write about… brushing your teeth…'” And then there’s this quote:

“Social media increasingly force us to view our present as always a potential documented past.”

These internal/external dialogues are the bane of my writing existence: they signify that not only do I have very little to write about, but I also have very unconvincing ways to write it.

Then sometimes, I have a good idea that’s about ready to burst.

So, when I write here, it is the culmination of at least a few weeks’ ruminations on the subject.

I ask you, bloggers whom I admire, why do you write?  And better yet, why don’t you write?


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