Adventures in Gardening, Georgia Style

The last time I planted a potted garden, it was when I was living in Tennessee.  Lots of things have changed since that potted garden–not least of which is the location.

Instead of a balcony, this time I have a back yard.  But, in pots must I still plant.  Most of our backyard is shaded… the only part that is in direct sunlight for more than 3 hours a day is our patio.  So, potted garden it is!

Potted Garden

Here’s the full potted garden.  Ain’t she purty?  The first clump you see is the herb garden; the second clump in the back is the vegetable garden.

In the vegetable section, we have two kinds of tomatoes (sweet 100s and patio varieties), cucumbers, and lots of kinds of peppers (big jim, thai chili, cowhorn, habanero, jalapeno, sweet banana and hot banana peppers).

The assortment is due (almost entirely) to my dear boyfriend.  Last year, we managed to pickle some cowhorn peppers that my stepmother grew in her garden, and we were both hooked.  Delicious, hot, vinegar-soaked.  Who could say no?  So when it came time to go to the hardware store and pick out the plants we wanted this year, peppers were high on the list.

Sweet 100 Tomatoes

That’s not to say I didn’t get in a few tomato plants and a cucumber plant.  A girl’s gotta have some variety.

We also have high hopes that we can make our own salsa with ingredients from this garden.  Though we don’t have garlic, onion, or a lime tree planted anywhere, this is a good enough start.

Also!  To my heart’s delight, we planted herbs.  Rosemary, basil, thai basil, lavender, mint, sage, curled parsley, and cilantro!  Oh my!

Surely, this will be a great Spring and Summer… if only we can keep the bugs off the plants.


I’ll let you know how this little garden develops.  May your own planting and gardening activities be filled with excitement!


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