Morning Music

I’ve noticed a pattern in my life: if I don’t have music in my mornings, I feel like a slob who can’t do anything right and needs to go back to bed before she detonates some kind of disaster bomb.  Okay, maybe it’s not that drastic, but oh the difference music makes!

I’ll give you a quick example.  The past week, I’ve been feeling blah in the mornings.  Can’t do anything right.  Don’t even know what I want to do, much less get any of it right.  Not a good place to be in when you’re trying to cultivate better creative habits. So this morning, I put on the usual pot of coffee, started up a saucepan with steel cut oats*, then turned on some Miles Davis.  Good Lord Almighty.

Not only did I immediately feel more productive, I found myself doing all sorts of productive things!  Laundry? Check.  Cutting fabric for an awesome set of custom-order placemats? Check! Before you know it, I’ll be painting, too.

It must be something about music that has the ability to make empty minds clear.  Not full, but clear.  Actually, most morning blues are not the result of empty minds, but of minds that are too full of stuff they ought not to be full of: worry, scheduling, doubt, resistance, nagging little voices that tell you to get back into bed.  Music—-whatever its stripe—-has the ability to make full minds clear.

But I won’t put too much of a break into this beautifully busy morning.  Back to joy!

What gets you going in the mornings?

*I should also post sometime about the wonder of steel cut oats.  Don’t know about them already?  You should.  Now.


One Reply to “Morning Music”

  1. I feel that way about exercise lately. If I get out of bed and get moving, I instantly feel better. If I lie around in bed and hang out on the computer all morning, it isn’t quite the same.
    Oh, and prayer too! :-)


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