Studio Time!

After all this time talking about my home business adventures in sewing, I’ve not yet shown you my studio…

Prepare for this oversight to be corrected!

With slightly fuzzy pictures!

JacquieMade Studios (l-r): Cutting board, Idea board, Chair, Sewing Desk, Sewing Machine, Ironing Board

Welcome to JacquieMade studios.  Cozy, isn’t it?

From here, you can also see my little helper.  Maddy the cat.  She’s waking up from a nap on my chair.

Sewing Desk

Here’s a better look at the ol’ sewing desk.  Not much to it, but that sewing machine there was my mother’s.  It was also the machine I first learned to sew on.  Perhaps if things go well, I can afford to get a new sewing machine and save this one for my kids.  Ahh, one day.

Ironing Board, with a view.

Never underestimate the beauty of an ironing board with a view.  Looking out this window onto our small backyard has helped me through many hours of ironing fabric.  Though I know that pre-washing fabric is a smart idea, it doesn’t make the process any more fun.

Maddy, taking up space on the one chair in my studio...

And then there’s Maddy again.

So there you have it.  It’s not much at all, but it’s where I spend my days making beautiful things.

Like this…

Red and White Table Runner... click to see on Etsy!

And things are going well in this little studio of mine!  Of course, I am still figuring out where to store everything, how to document my ideas, and how to prep for projects more efficiently.  And how to take better pictures.  For the time, though, I’m moving and grooving here in the studio.


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