A Month’s Progress

Wow.  I have been neglecting this blog.

So I thought it would be better to just write and be honest than to let another Sunday slip without a single word typed.  Another month has gone by, and what creative progress do I have to show for it?  Perhaps a little more appreciation for the creative process.

Writing is more difficult than I remembered.  Perhaps writing isn’t the difficult part… it’s having an idea worth writing about.

I’ve been a strange mixture of busy and slow this past month.  Busy making my home studio livable and workable, but slow to produce enough products (but who determines what is enough, anyway?); busy getting in touch with some old friends, but slow in keeping up with others; busy getting myself into a new routine, but slow in any of that new routine sticking.   Busy thinking up ideas for what this blog should be, but slow to consider any of them useful.

You see, I’ve been having something of a crisis of creativity.

For the past three years (seven years, if you include my undergrad), I have experienced creativity through writing.  As I contemplated continuing this blog after May’s graduation (and yes, there was a time where I thought of moving on to some other pasture), I wondered if I could sustain my writing as an outlet for creativity when I was taking on a very physically creative unpaid day job.  I thought it would be a great idea.  Stretch the ol’ writing muscles, after all.  I was misguided.

As you can see from my dearth of writing here, creative writing has been a more difficult discipline than I had anticipated.  Not because I don’t enjoy writing, but because almost every idea I have taped around the edges of my computer screen seem anemic.

I thought it would fall into my comfort zone, writing.  Seven years, people.  But readers are not giving me writing prompts as my professors would; I am not being asked to summarize my understanding of Trinity or my belief in what the church should be.  Nah, I’m just shooting the breeze with you, telling you what’s on my mind.  And that’s a little different than structured (albeit creative) essay writing.

That’s where I am.  A little unsure.  But what’s new there?

For those of you who read… thanks.  It is good to sit at this computer screen on a rainy Sunday evening and think of you.  I’ll be busy this week, working hard and enjoying the work of my hands.  But I’ll be thinking of a way to be creative here, too.

Let’s not let another month go by without a word, shall we?


7 Replies to “A Month’s Progress”

  1. I miss reading your blog regularly! You always have something to say, especially when you don’t think you do. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re amazing. Just write something. Anything. We’ll eat it up.


    1. Thanks, Adrienne! I’m hopeful that writing ideas are out there… just waiting to be written!

      And, by the way, I cannot wait to try making biscuits now, thanks to your recipe! I may be from the South, but biscuit-makin’ is a talent I have yet to cultivate.


  2. I have also struggled with topics to write on and eventually just started trying to write everyday about anything. If you write a lot, it sort of takes the pressure off to make it profound because you know you’ll be taking another crack at it soon. If you like writing, just do it out of selfishness and your audience can all be along for the ride. I do hope you start posting more, I enjoy reading it!


    1. Thanks for the advice! I find it encouraging that you write so consistently, and it is always interesting to read.

      Here’s hoping that this good advice sticks, and that you have more reading material here soon!


  3. I couldn’t say it any better than your friend above wrote, “You’re amazing. Just write something. Anything. We’ll eat it up.”

    I enjoy your writing so much. Today this image came to mind: Watching old cartoons as a kid, a character would approach a scale of some sort at the fair. He would slam down hard on a spot at the base of a tall measuring device with a sledge hammer. If he was lucky/strong enough, the force would drive up an object and a bell would ring. (I guess those devices were real, but I have only seen them on cartoons.) Any way, that is how I feel reading the things you write. They resonate inside me, they hit the spot.


  4. Jacquie, I understand! I struggle with the same thing for my own blog… is this interesting, or am I just venting something no one needs to read about? lol anyways, i hope you keep it up because you are a great writer, and posts do not all need to be deep to be good. =)
    miss you!


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