Photo Friday: Yellow Lellow Yellow

Oh, a chicken.

Oh, a bunch of bananas; oh, daffodils.

Such lovely reminders of spring, of liveliness, of life abounding everywhere!  And all of them are gathered on my coffee table.

I cannot think of a better Photo Friday post than to leave you with this picture of my yellow-inspired living room.

Do you ever feel drawn to certain colors?  I most definitely do.  Color, as much as sound or temperature or atmosphere, affects the way I see the world.  It is often the first thing I notice in a new environment: warm or cool tones, complimentary or monotone schemes?  I wonder how I first started thinking in this way… but I’m not ashamed that I do.  If I can see that something is amiss… and if I have the power to change that something that is amiss, then why not?  Why should I be ashamed of this color-playfulness?  Hardly.

So, dear friends, think about this chicken, this bunch of bananas, these blooming daffodils for just a brief moment.  By the time you read this, these bananas will have softened and browned; these flowers will have become crisp and will have started to fall from their stems.  But isn’t that transience something beautiful, too?  Oh, I’m getting caught up in colors again.  And textures and weight and movement.

What is your gift?  Is it visual, auditory?  Is it a craft or art that you create?  Is it your ability to perceive?  I hope this Friday brings you joy in the multiplicity of your gifts… because I know we all have many.


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