Photo Friday: The Peaceful Seat

It is Friday.  It is a Friday that comes at the end of a long week.  It is a Friday that comes at the end of a long, unnecessarily stressful week.

I can at least take solace in the fact that this stress has been entirely self-created.  If I made it, I can do something to make it less, right?  Right.

Today’s Photo Friday is brought to you by the letter T.  T is for tea, teamwork, and treasures.  All three T’s are in the picture below.

Tea (delicious!), Teamwork in the "Cream of Teamwork Soup" cup in the background, and Treasure in the 1970's creamer from my mother.

Welcome to the most peaceful seat in the world.  It’s a comfy, bouncy armchair with an ottoman.  The fabric of the seat is cream colored, and its legs and arms are a dark brown.  Over the top of this chair rests a long, dangling shawl from my late maternal grandmother.  This is also the place where I usually drape my scarves and gloves when I come into my apartment after a cold day.  It also happens to sit next to a nice little end table, perfect for piling books, incoming mail, and (on the best days) teapots.

This is the peaceful seat that helps me read most of my schoolwork; this is the peaceful seat that gives me time to knit scarf after scarf after scarf (working on a robin’s egg blue scarf now!)… this is the seat that looks out of my living room window and gives me a view of the miraculous blue sky today.  It’s a good, good seat.

So thanks for letting me describe to you my favorite seat in the house.  I hope that on this beautiful day at the end of a stressful week, you too have a peaceful seat to return to soon.


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