Photo Friday: Little Owl

Ever have one of those mornings that begins much, much too early?  I had one of those lately.  I was rushed; I had a test in a few hours.  I’d slept little the night before.

As I left my apartment at 5:50 a.m., I was greeted by a surprise.  Closing my front door, I looked to my left.  And who should be looking back at me but this friendly face:

A tiny little owl, perched on the outside of my living room window.  What a surprise!  I was so busy that morning, rushing out to do some last-minute studying for a test… but this friend demanded that I stop and be quiet for a minute.  I looked into its eyes, staring back at me from the icy darkness, and for a moment I forgot why I was in such a hurry.

When I regained my composure after seeing such a wonderful creature mere feet from me, I ran and got my camera.  Just for you, readers.  Just for you.

I hope you enjoy this picture of my little owl friend as much as I enjoyed the company.  A few days later, I heard this one hooting dolefully as I sat in my comfy chair and caught up on some knitting.  “Glad to have you back, friend.  Won’t you stay a while?”


3 Replies to “Photo Friday: Little Owl”

  1. I love owls. Rice’s mascot/symbol is an owl, and one night, Joe and I were in a practice room at the music school when a little owl perched on the windowsill, not unlike your little friend. It was magical!


  2. I can imagine running out exhausted into the darkness and suddenly becoming aware of two eyes fixed on me. After a blood curdling scream and hopefully no heart attack, I might also be able to “be still” and enjoy the unexpected gift.

    I remember finding a tiny iris blooming in an out of the way place once. I could have just as easily stepped on it as not, but instead looked down and took in the beautiful surprise just in time. (If you want to see it, it is on FB in the gardening pictures.)

    Jacquie, I have enjoyed reading a couple of your posts. I feel certain you will be an accomplished author one day. You are so very talented!


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