Snow is rare in the south.  The only thing rarer are schools that stay open during snow.  Yay, snow day!

(Also, this may be the first of my attempts at “Photo Friday” blog posts.  Hold on to your hats!)

Here is the view from my front door.  Stepping out into the cold was surprisingly chilly, since I had run out the door with my camera and no coat.  You can see thin layers of snow on all the cars out front.

Looking to the right from my front door, you can see the busy intersection that I live by.  This is usually the best view during the summertime, and now is no different.

A slightly blurry image from my kitchen window.  Do you see how close I am to the train tracks!  Also, notice the pre-cut townhomes beyond the train tracks.  Even they look more quaint with a dusting of snow.

Here is another view of my “backyard.”  This was taken from my bedroom window; to the right would be the view you just saw from the kitchen window.  You can see the ladder-like staircase that leads up to the train tracks, and the signal lights that the conductors use.  Far to your right is a major train intersection.  Often, you can hear the trains come whistling and groaning to a stop because the intersection is busy.

And finally, Charlie the Christmas cactus!  This took me by surprise this morning.  I had been oblivious to this plant stationed above my desk for so long, that to see such bright, large flowers this morning was a shocking treat.  Even though it’s a snow day, there must still be brightness and loveliness in the world.

Update: The Next Day

Not to disappoint, the weather continued with this wintry mix into the night.  The next morning, there was an even more lovely blanket of snow:

Here is a look at the busy intersection next to my house.  Almost no tire tracks through the snow, and the lids of trash cans almost doubled with powdery snow.

Here are my feet, clad in shoes of course.  The snow that managed to fall on my balcony/walkway is much thicker than yesterday’s snowfall.  Delightful!


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