Hello Folks.  It’s been a while, and you are not caught up on my life.  To ease your anxiety, here I am.  Don’t you love me?

It’s been a relaxing and, well, inspiring few weeks.  The last semester of my Divinity School career began last Monday (a whole 8 days ago…), and already things are off to a swift start.  I usually reserve my “snowball-rolling-down-a-hill” analogy for coursework until after Easter break, but this time, it’s already begun.  This will be a rough and rowdy semester.

But I won’t bore you with the details.  At least, not the details you might want.  Instead, I will captivate you with the otherwise unnecessary details: those tidbits that may not mean much at first, but are more and more important the more you consider them.

Case in point: garlic.  Do you like the smell of garlic?  Well, if you’re human, of course you do.  Who am I kidding?  But not many people like the smell of garlic that lingers on their fingers after mincing a clove or two.  Me?  I can’t get enough of it.  Over my three-week winter break, I cooked so much with garlic, my fingers perpetually had that sharp, sweet, almost rotting flavor of garlic.  Every morning, I would wash my face and revel in the slightly off smell of garlic on my hands.  It may be strange, but I grew to love that smell in a relatively short period of time.  It reminded me of the nourishment that my hands had a part in providing, and excited the promise of as-yet-untried recipes.  I get the same way about rosemary (did you know I have sprigs of fresh–now dried–rosemary above my car vents?  The smell gets into the fabric of the car, and I can’t help but be happy when I start my defrost).

So, as it turns out, the small details–like the smell of garlic–make a huge difference.  Memory, promise, care, love, and excitement… all rolled up into one tidbit.

Some other tidbits?  I cannot help but buy canned vegetables in twos.  I have a glass jar of wasabi peas on my desk.  I listen to NPR on the drive to and from school (in fact, I know no other radio station in this town).  On long drives, I often prop my left knee on the driver’s side door.  A favorite go-to dinner?  Peas and corn.

I’ll save the rest for later.


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