Holidays Schmolidays

Ho hum, the holidays.  I’ve spent the past few weeks entirely offline (only hopping on to check last semester’s grades), and I only return now to check email before classes begin again next Monday.  I’ve also spent this time away from my school home in Tennessee, instead spending some lazy, lovely days in Atlanta.  It’s been blissful.

Some things I’ve been able to accomplish in the last few weeks:

  • New tires on the car
  • Cooking, cooking, cooking!  (Recipes include salmon with tomato cream sauce and peas, veggie lasagna, turkey lasagna, chocolate pudding with berries and orange whipped cream, and many many breakfasts, etc.)
  • Re-read the last two Harry Potter books
  • New Year’s Eve in North Carolina Smoky Mountains
  • Gain a few well-loved pounds
  • Host an 11-person dinner

And that’s about it.  Nice, isn’t it?  To have almost no responsibilities is a luxury of vacation that we seldom allow ourselves.  Here’s one little reminder to myself (and to you) to treat yourself well every day, especially when responsibilities seem to nag.

In the meantime, I’ll be dreaming dreams of souffles, tea, loosing myself in books and winning myself back again on scrap pieces of paper.  Happy New Year.


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