Quilt Like You Mean It

Ok, friends.  You want to know something that makes me very happy?  Anticipating crafty projects.  Oh yes.  The thrill of creating something new, lovely, and comforting is exhilarating, especially if I get to make it colorful.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise to you that I am unspeakably excited about my current undertaking.  Inspired by this amazing quilt, I am attempting my first foray into quilting.  I will be using the same basic pattern, creating 7″x7″ squares and arranging them in a brilliant pattern.  I have yet to decide if I will stick with the rainbow pattern, or if I will go for something a little more monochrome.

In the meantime, I have already made my first tentative steps at starting.  Yikes!  What you see here is the loot of my shopping trip.  Neatly arranged after pre-shrinking this 100% cotton dreaminess, it is comfortably living in the plastic bin underneath my table until I have 30 minutes to cut, arrange, and start sewing it into squares.

Quilt Fabric in Storage

“Yellow” was the goal, but I ended up with a lot of almost-oranges.  This happened in no small part to the selection.  At the fabric store, there exist these marvels of modern technology: the quilting squares.  Although I am loathe to buy something with unnecessary extra packaging just for convenience, I couldn’t help myself.  When they’re only $1.49 a 18″x24″piece, and they’re nicely folded and arranged chromatically anyway… well, it’s hard to stop yourself from taking one in every color.  Thus, some of the prettier, more richly-dyed yellow fabrics confined in bolts along the rows of the store were missed for the sake of not standing in line to cut small pieces from 15 individual bolts of fabric.   Here is a better picture of the arrangement.

Melange of Marmalade

I am in love love love with the immediate foreground fabric.  The yellow is richest of all the fabrics I picked out, and the pattern is delicious.

I cannot wait to show you more… but for now all I have are these three squares.  I have yet to cut them down to their eventual 7″x7″ size, but you hopefully see where I’m going with this project.


Square 2

Square 3


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