Reeling in the Final Weeks of Summer

A good friend suggested the use of “Grateful Lists” as a way of always being mindful of the wonderfulness of being alive.  Because seriously, if we just stop and think about it–even just to list it out–we begin to realize that the joy of our lives is more than just the sum accumulation of our joyful moments.

To begin this inaugural list, I have, in no particular order, listed some things for which I am grateful, this 32nd week of 2009.

  1. Friendships.  In a summer that has been filled with work, budgets, and other deadlines, the friendships that have sustained this often absent-minded period in my life are generous, casual, and poignantly uncomplicated.  If you are my friend, thank you.
  2. Planners.  They make my life so much more… sane-feeling.  And until I can afford such luxury as an iPhone (or Palm Pre), I am more than grateful for the smooth, off-white pages of my Moleskine weekly planner.
  3. Sunbeams (especially in the early morning and late afternoon, when they make my humble apartment glow).
  4. History books.  At the moment, I am reading The Children.  Documenting the civil rights movement in 1960s Nashville, it is remarkable in its ability to make this important time in American history accessible–without undermining its magnitude.  Also, it makes me appreciate more the complicated history of the city in which I live.

There are countless other things for which I am grateful, but the list would become arduous to compile (and, I’m afraid, too rambling to read).  I hope you take a small moment and think about that for which you are greatful this week, whether you write it down or not.


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