The Semester Begins

By all accounts, I am still in the midst of my summer.  But for practical reasons, the semester has already begun.  For those of you who don’t know, I am entering my third (of three) years in my Masters program (Divinity).  The journey has been varied but good, and I sincerely look forward to completing what has been a rewarding degree to earn.  And the second-to-last semester has begun.

Classes begin on August 24, but the books are already ordered.  Of the five classes I am taking, three have required book lists.  These book lists contain around 16 books total, all of which are good, keep-on-your-shelf-forever kinds of books.  In that respect, I’m glad to own them.  But the fact remains that we have a full three weeks until classes officially begin, and the books are on their way.

If anyone has seen my apartment, they know that I love owning books.  My journey in book buying began in high school, when I bought many of my English literature books… just to have them.  Even then, I was thinking more in terms of “library” and less in terms of “book lists,” but even so I admit that my collection is rather thin.  So I’m not so sad that the semester is already begun, but I’d sure like another month of summer.


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