Monster Caterpillar

Came home from the office today to find many of the more succulent leaves on my tomato plant eaten to the nubs.  Whole stalks were devoid of leaves.  To add insult to injury, I could find my tiny baby tomato nowhere.

I looked about the leaves for some sign of bugs: small eggs, etc.  I found a suspicious-looking line of yellow dots lining one top stalk, so I peered closer… only to find



I actually shuddered and made a “Eeecch!” sound as I jerked away.  I’m afraid this thing might eat me, given how HUGE it is!  So instead of doing something rational, I cut off the branch it’s clinging to, and threw it as far away as possible.  I’m only hoping it can’t find it’s way back up to my balcony before I can get ahold of some pesticide.


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