Nashville Big Band

I’m not usually one to go out often.  Frankly, I hardly ever go out.  But when a friend invited Event Pavillionme to listen to live Big Band music at Nashville’s Centennial Park, I couldn’t resist.

Every Saturday night in June, July and August, the park hosts a Big Band in it’s event pavilion.  There’s free dancing lessons, a Sno-ball vendor, and plenty of free lawn to plop a camp chair on.  Need I say more?  Not to mention, the crowd was friendly, the music was great, and the dancers were alternately fabulous or hilarious (sometimes simultaneously).

Big ol' Band.

Most captivating to watch were some of the “older” couples.  They had moves I had never dreamed of, and they danced with such spirit and flexibility that it made me resolve to take up dancing for my health.  This time, I just stayed on the sidelines, but it won’t be long before I’m tempted to shuffle my shoes on the dance floor with them.

It’s fairly certain that this particular entertainment will captivate me most Saturday nights in Nashville, as it should.  Perhaps in the following weeks, I can be tempted to bring a picnic to share with friends.  In either case (picnic or no), it’s a great reminder that summer does not last all year long, that music is more fun when you have friends to share it with, and that you should never pass up an opportunity to learn something new.


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