Balcony Gardening

I want to be a gardener.  Currently, my garden is housed in terracotta pots along the small walkway in front of my apartment.  Perhaps one day I can dig in the ground.

Welcome to my garden.  It’s small, it’s potted, but it’s mine and I love it dearly.

Fresh from the nursery herbs, tomatoes, and marigolds.

Here is my first attempt at gardening, whether potted or in the ground.  All these little ones you see here are still alive; this is their first day in the [overcast] sunshine one balmy Nashville spring day.

First in the line is lavender, then the long pot hosts first basil, then marjoram, then parsley.  The center pot is a mint plant given to me by my lovely stepmother.  The plant, though since been infested with aphids, is still thriving.

Next in line is the small wittle tomato plant.  She’s a roma tomato plant, and it’s my first time planting something not explicitly an herb.  Finally, marigolds.  Those haven’t fared as well.

So the weeks have gone by, and after a 600-mile round trip to Atlanta to accompany me on my vacation, a soil foible and subsequent replanting, the plants are doing just fine.  Here’s a look at the tomato plant when I first got her, and here’s a look at her now.  What a change!

Juicy Red Roma Tomato

Look at that juicy tomato!  There was a tomato lost in the process, which decreased my yield by 50%, but there she is.  My first success at vegetable gardening.

Some things I have learned from my amateur endeavors at gardening: If the soil says “For Gardens” on the bag, don’t use it in pots.  Just… don’t.  The leaves turn yellow, nothing thrives, and there is way too much bark there to make the plants a happy home.  Also, you can’t kill a mint plant.  And finally, try not to bring your plants on a 600-mile round trip in a car.  They’ll survive, but they might not like you for it.


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