Summer Plans

So many of my colleagues and friends are graduating tomorrow.  On Monday, I begin working “in the real world” for a summer.

Initially my plans for the summer included a great internship.  Well, after learning more about the place and it’s expectations and needs, I have come to the difficult conclusion that I ought to pass on this round.  Great institution with lofty and much-needed goals, but not for me.  So it’s time to regroup.

Plans, as they are developing now, include a good deal of paid work in the office and a hefty (and well deserved) three- to four-week vacation.  During this time, I plan on introspecting and being creative; reading some poetry and painting some walls; or even just taking care of a friend’s dog and volunteering at a local shelter.  Who knows?  I’m looking forward to the chance to introspect and have some rest.  The world will keep on without me for a minute.

As it stands, my summer is looking to be a good one.  You?


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