Easy Like Saturday Mornings

After a long hiatus, I am back to blogging. How appropriate that this blogging commences on a Saturday. Saturdays are special days, not because they are at the end of my week, but because they are a day for me to appreciate myself and to treat myself to some basic human decencies.

Grocery shopping, washing clothes, preparing meals for the next week, changing my bed sheets, cleaning my kitchen; all these things may seem mundane, or even droll. But when I consider that, yes, I deserve healthy food not bought on the run, grocery shopping seems less tedious. When I say to myself, yes, you deserve to go to sleep in fresh sheets, or yes, you deserve to have a clean kitchen for the coming week, or yes, you would look great in those jeans again next Tuesday, or whatever else I might think, those tedious tasks become small, loving moments when I claim for myself a kind of dignity that is easy to loose during the week.

This Saturday also comes at a special time, for it is the last Saturday of the semester. Today begins a summer full of Saturdays where I can cultivate this care for myself, where I can build up the habit of mundane self-respect to carry me through next fall.

I hope you enjoy yourself today, even if you don’t read this on a Saturday. Spring and Summer are too precious to waste.


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