A Bicycle Built for One

Since it has been far too long since my last post, I am jettisoning my hesitancy to post irrelevant reflections and just posting them anyway.  The good stuff (i.e., the theologically hefty stuff) will come when it’s ready.

So there’s this bicycle gang culture in Nashville.  Imagine “mod” kids with some form of a) dredlocked hair or b) a flannel scarf and a skinny jean/chuck taylor combo, plus a bicycle; multiply this by five-to-ten, and you’ve got a mod bicycle gang.  What surprises me most about these kids I see periodically traipsing up and down the busy streets of Nashville is the variety of their bicycles.   One in particular is incredible: the seat is 15 feet in the air, and the typical chains and gears that propel a bicycle reach up to the pedals high overhead.  Imagine the view!  There is also a unicycle that travels about these streets.  The variety, and the mere fact that a group of 13-18-year-olds is traveling pack-like about the Music City, amazes me.  When I see them on the streets, my heart leaps for them.  I wonder where they’re going and where they store their bicycles.  Are they street kids, or do they have warm homes to go to on cold nights as these?  Oh, to be thirteen again and riding around on a 15-foot tall bicycle…

It’s cold again in Nashville, and my windows are shut tight.  I wish the weather were such that I could let my windows open and feel the breeze.  Until then, here’s a hot cup of coffee, a sweater, and a few more lamps to light that book you’re reading.  Perhaps tomorrow we can fix the tires on that old bike?


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