The Nose on My Face is Apparently Not so Plain

Smart people cannot possibly be smart all the time.  Case in point: the curious incident of the book on CD.

A few months ago, I checked out a book on CD from my school library.  Not normally one to do such a thing, I rationalized it thus: I get distracted on long drives, so why not have a story going on to keep my attention?  Two renewals later, I’ve still not finished the damned book… I decide to renew it a third time.  My library is not happy; in fact, they deny this third renewal.

As I begin sifting through my car for the CD case, I handily find it (considering that it holds 16 CDs, it’s not a difficult object to find in a relatively clean vehicle).  I wisk through the CD sleeves, but cannot find disk 2.  Flabbergasted, I begin to tear my car apart.  I lift up floor covers, look under seats, etc.  But to no avail.  This disk 2 is not to be found.

So I pack up the rest of my belongings and drive 4 hours to my Thanksgiving-Break-Destination.  Once there, I conscript my loving boyfriend to help me look for this CD.  We commence to tear the car apart a second time.

Would you like to know where the CD was?

It was in the CD case all along, but it was turned around backwards in its sleeve.  Now that I am 4 hours away from my school library, and will be so for seven days, I am looking forward now to seven days of late fees on a CD that was right in front of my face the whole time.


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