NPR’s Memo to the President

This morning, I stood in front my radio in joyful tears at NPR’s Memo to the President from Ms. Palmer’s kindergarten class in Essex Juncion, VT (broadcast here in minute 1:49 of 2:43).  I’ve transcribed the small segment here for you to read, but there is something sweetly honest about the advice these children give to President-Elect Obama that struck me as I listened to it this morning.

This is what they advise:

“Be a good listener.  Make safe choices.  Organize.  Use kind words.  Protect us.  Be helpful.  Be nice.  Be a peacekeeper.  Be nice to other presidents.  Take care of our world.

(Thinking of his two young daughters, they asked Mr. Obama not to forget to read to them, play with them, sing songs to them, hug and kiss them, and bring them to work with him sometimes.)”

Well said, kids.  Well said.  Keep those values and I’m sure you’ll grow up with more integrity and honesty than most of our leaders now.


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